Hosting your own virtual server: Buy a VPS

A VPS or a virtual private server is a service sold by internet service providers

What a VPS actually does is that it provides you with an individual copy of any operating system. This enables the users of that VPS to have a super-user access level to that particular operating system. This enables them to use all software that uses that operating system. In this regard virtual private servers (or VPS) are somewhat equal to dedicated physical servers. And being virtual (code written) in nature they are easier to create and configure. They are also more economical as they cost less than a physical server. But if they share the hardware of other VPSs, then according to their workload they may offer a lower level of performance.


Courtesy: Web Hosting Ninja

Why you should be buying a VPS:

  • When you buy VPS it provides you with the capacity to install or to configure any programme of your choosing. You have your copy of the operating system and this gives you the capacity to run a programme on a different platform of you choosing.
  • You can swarm any amount of websites once you buy VPS.
  • You can hold other services too, like mail server, or host FTP server, or any server of your choosing.
  • You can also backup your files or any data that you need to.


Things to keep in mind:

  • Buying a VPS is not recommended for everyone as it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have to take care of all the installations, the maintenance of security and its consistent updates.
  • A prerequisite of owning a VPS is that you need to have your own private hardware too. Because if you are sharing your hardware with others then you may lose out on a few of its advantages.

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