Decoding Immigration Laws for You!

We all know that immigration laws are a difficult jargon for a common man since they are not just complex to understand but also changing from time to time. Whether it’s the h1-b Visa assistance that you are looking for or seeking Green Card application help, it’s extremely important to be under the aegis guidance of an expert who knows all the laws like the back of his hand!

If you are a resident of Nashville, TN or are residing anywhere around Tennessee, you can pin all your hopes at Colaveccchio & Colavecchio Law Office in order to get the most trustworthy services and guidance in the immigration system.

Immigration Issues that are resolved by the company

There are a number of issues related to immigration that are resolved by the experienced attorneys of the firm. Some of them are:

  • Visas related to employment like h1-b visa, L, E and TN visa
  • Hearings related to removal and deportation
  • Provisional waiver
  • Green cards to get a permanent resident status lawfully
  • Adjustments related to status
  • Cancellation of removal
  • Citizenship applications
  • Waiver of inadmissibility
  • Visas related to marriage and fiancé (K visas)
  • Petitions concerning child, parents and siblings

Outstanding features of the company

Apart from enjoying all the above quality services from the company, one can be assured of their outstanding features such as personalized service and responsive attention, almost immediately. Some of their USPs that set them apart are:

  1. They help you in complete planning and organization of the documents.
  2. They help in completing forms.
  3. They assure their clients that their deadlines are met.

Apart from their age old experience in the immigration law, the company also has a strong hold in the criminal laws.


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