How to treat a sissy slave?

A sissy femdom is supposed to be submissive and should be consistent and be being that; a dominant that is not dominant enough makes a BDSM relation quite boring.  If you are a sissy femdom who is looking for some new ideas to be dominant on your sissy slave then we have some great ideas for you.

How to dominate a sissy slave in BDMS?

  • Make a slave contract with your sissy, it is quite interesting and makes the sissy abide by them.
  • Give them some slave tasks like shopping or cleaning and doing household chores.
  • Make them wear high heels the whole day.
  • Send them to work by writing on their body.
  • You can make the sissy slave wear lace and satin panties and make them roam around in them.
  • Slid some ice cubes down their ass.
  • Spanking is a part of BDSM so spank them with a leather belt and make them say thank you.
  • Dress your sissy in a stocking, frilly dress and wig and tell him to click and post a picture of his online.
  • Tell your sissy to rub your feet and worship you.
  • Make them shave their whole body.

Slave training

In order to dominate over your sissy slave, you should make them undergo some disciplinary slave training. This way the slave would always remember his position and would keep your command on top.

  • Teach your sissy slave to say thank you for any punishment given.
  • They should be taught to be obedient in taking any punishment and also they should accept their mistake.
  • A slave should not speak unless given permission.
  • The slave cannot touch you his femdom without permission.

It is the sissy femdom who has to keep the sissy slave in control.

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