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Fancy dress ideas

Organizing a birthday party for your little one in a perfect way can be a series of events that will remain in your memories for a lifetime. It is so much fun to prepare for this special day. Not only your little champ is excited but you are also equally excited about the day. After all, you are the one who wants to make this celebration a perfect one. The easiest way to make this day special for your little one is to have a theme based party. Theme based party are fun to organize and at the same time tit fives you a pragmatic framework on which you can chalk out your plan quite confidently.

Fancy dress ideas
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Think of a theme

Narrowing down a theme can solve many of your problems. All you need is to just arrange things around the theme. The theme may be a jungle, cartoon or character. Children love Harry Potter. Going with a Harry Potter theme, you can plan an interior based on Hogwarts School. Your little girl can dress up in Hermione Granger costume.  You can prepare invitation cards with some special effects. Invitees can be asked to come dressed in characters from Harry Potter.

Your little girl in Hermione Granger costume as a host can play the game of describing the characters in which the invitees have come. You can even arrange for a prize for the one who describes his or her character in the best way.

How to arrange?

I is always wise to plan and act well in advance and not at the eleventh hour. Hermione Granger costume for the birthday girl is easily available online in full set that includes badge, rope, and shirt, skirt and tie. Other accessories related to Harry Potter theme is also easily available online.

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